Maintenance & Engineering Reliability Specialist
  • Philadelphia, PA
I have worked as an independent recruiter, a corporate recruiter, senior recruiter for 2 start up companies and have worked for many of the largest companies in Manufacturing, Engineering, Maintenance, and all aspects of Supply Chain which is fully encompassing. Logistics, CNC Manufacturing, Heavy Industry, Pharmaceutical from Maintenance Mechanics, Industrial Electricians and Electro-mechanical Technicians with PLC Troubleshooting or Programming Experience as well as Food and Beverage and every type of Engineer from Industrial to Quality to M.E., E.E. ETC up to higher level Management position as high as V.P. of Engineering. If I do not have an active order currently, it will only be a matter of time before I am contacting you with an advancement opportunity. What I have learned in well over ten years is that it really doesn't matter what I have available. What matters is what the candidate is looking for. Then my job is to find that which will make you happy and not force a square peg into a round hole. That never works, upsets the candidate and would ruin my reputation. I refuse to work like that. Send me an updated resume to and i will contact you to listen to what you are looking for and I'll be honest about my thoughts towards your expectations and/or me being able to find the position you ask for. Thank you for your consideration and expect to hear from me! Jinx Stedman