RasGas Company Limited
RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) is one of the worlds premier integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) enterprises and has an enviable reputation for being a safe and reliable supplier of LNG that has transformed a regional resource into a key component of the global energy mix. Since its creation in 1993, RasGas has developed world-class facilities for the extraction, storage, processing and export of LNG, and has entered into long-term agreements to supply LNG to customers in Korea, India, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Taiwan, and the United States of America. In a relatively short period of time, RasGas has emerged as a leading player in the global natural gas industry, supplying and delivering LNG to an international portfolio of customers, with a fleet of long-term chartered LNG tankers and initiating technology-led projects such as the production and sale of helium. The significance of Qatars energy resources and of the part played by RasGas in extracting and distributing those resources continues to grow. In 2010 RasGas seventh LNG train came online, boosting the overall LNG production capacity of RasGas to approximately 36.7 million tonnes of LNG per annum (Mta).