Mar 15, 2021

Research Asset Management Specialist

  • KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
  • Thuwal Saudi Arabia
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Job Description

Research Asset Management Specialist


Job/Position Summary

Research Infrastructure at KAUST comprises of 12 shared user facilities, 11 research centers, and over a hundred Principal Investigator labs with a total equipment investment of $700M. To facilitate cutting edge research, KAUST has invested significant resources to provide state-of-the-art research equipment costing hundreds of millions of dollars.


In order to maximize the value of these assets, the Research Infrastructure Operations team under the Core Labs & Research Infrastructure department at KAUST wishes to strengthen their asset management team by recruiting a Research Asset Management Specialist. This person will build from the ground up the necessary systems for asset life cycle management, asset costing, preventive maintenance planning, asset information and risk mitigation; with a goal to achieving ISO55001 compliance. In addition, the person needs to be able to create models for making asset decisions such as repair vs replace, life cycle cost optimization, identifying operational gaps and providing technical, operational and engineering expertise that drive best practices in managing the large install base of advanced research instrumentation. This role comes with significant challenges and responsibilities but will provide the person with an opportunity to make a direct impact on the asset management strategy and shape the framework of the KAUST Research Infrastructure.


Major Responsibilities



  • Develop a framework to determine the long-term approach to management of KAUST’s research assets ensuring alignment with the ISO55001 standards, together with the team lead.


  • Heavily involved in the development and implementation of an asset management policy, strategy and plan to ensure coordinated, efficient and effective delivery of asset life cycle activities.


  • Build the necessary infrastructure required to capture all information needed for a robust asset management system


  • Incorporate a value-oriented approach to each asset by analyzing ROIs and providing direction supported by financial models to justify major capital investments and financial decisions


  • Develop models for lifecycle cost optimization and asset end-of-life replacements to project long-term capital requirements


  • Ensure that the asset protection plans and practices are adequate, lead regular assessment of risks, emergency response procedures, contingency planning and resilience analysis


  • Develop recommendations regarding timing of asset dispositions/replacements to maximize value and execution of the disposition strategy in conjunction with relevant stakeholders


  • Review and critically assess current practice in asset management, ensuring best practices are adopted and implemented




  • Liaise with asset custodians across research infrastructure including PIs, lab managers and center managers, to ensure compliance with the KAUST Asset Management Policy for all research infrastructure


  • Drive improvement practices to streamline activities with related departments and work through challenges when expectations are not being met


  • Develop equipment performance reports and dashboards against agreed key performance indicators, including highlighting issues and recommendations for changes and improvements


  • Support lab activities for shutdowns, outages and emergency responses


  • Support the surplus equipment program by evaluating requestor needs and justifications


  • Ensure data integrity of asset information systems including SAP-PM, Fiix and Badger


  • Support the capital investment and operation planning process through data modeling and analysis


  • Support Lab Equipment Maintenance in developing a Maintenance Evaluation Framework (MEF) using quantitative and qualitative parameters to drive a comprehensive equipment maintenance program


  • Support vendor management strategies by developing service and competency-based measures and maintaining performance KPIs


  • Support risk mitigation programs such as electrical loss prevention and utilities mapping, UPS control and reviews, backup power and environmental sensors


  • Document all procedures and workflows and review on a regular basis


  • Perform other asset management duties as assigned


Skills and Qualifications

Technical Skills


  • Demonstrated understanding and implementation of ISO55001 requirements and documentation


  • Deep knowledge in managing a wide range of research assets to enable the development of models for asset decisions such as repair vs replace, lice cycle cost optimization, etc.


  • Proficiency in data analysis and reporting, and ability to use data in forecasting equipment lifecycles, lifetime costs, and providing proactive solutions


  • Proven experience using computerized maintenance management systems and optimizing maintenance models


  • Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerBI, SAP-PM


Non-Technical Skills or Attributes


  • Experience in a laboratory environment and familiarity with scientific instrumentation


  • Strong analytical skills, able to collate information from multiple sources and provide comprehensive insights.


  • Strong desire and passion to create and implement best practices in asset management


  • Demonstrated organizational and time management skills and capability to oversee complex projects


  • Ability to adapt to and shift priorities, and effectively perform under pressure to meet project demands or deliverables


  • Ability to work both independently and in a team environment with colleagues from a variety of cultural backgrounds


  • Self-learner and pro-active working skills


  • Fluency in English (reading, writing and speaking) is essential


Required Education

- Advanced degree in Science or Engineering

- Asset Management Certification from the Institute of Asset Management or equivalent international body


Required Experience

- A minimum of 6-8 years in an asset management role

- Certified assessor of ISO55001 standards, having experience in building and implementing ISO55001 standards across the organization, including writing up extensive documents that meet ISO standards.

- Project management in small-medium sized projects


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