Jun 03, 2021


$64,518 yearly
  • University of Central Florida - Facilities
  • University of Central Florida, Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, FL, USA
Full-time Management - Maintenance

Job Description

At the University of Central Florida, we dream big. Founded in 1963, UCF has grown to be one of the largest universities in the nation for a very good reason: We harness the power of scale in innovative ways to transform the lives of our students and create lasting impact on the world at large.

UCF Facilities Maintenance invites well qualified individuals to apply for the role of Manager, Facilities Maintenance I. Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Identifies and implements campus deferred maintenance projects, maintenance programs and develops owner project requirements. Participates on strategic projects and master planning efforts at the University. Leads and/or provides support for special projects, initiatives, and tasks as assigned.

  • Accountable for the technical planning, organizing and coordinating the operational activities for all UCF Partnership buildings, Parking services and Elevators service. Plans, develops policies, directs, implements and controls programs for preventative maintenance and repairs. Coordinates with other units regarding utility operations.

  • Organizes and implements processes and programs related to meeting building cleanliness and maintenance standards, managing all UCF Research Park and Parking services housekeeping and maintenance services. Ensures that direct reports and team have the training, equipment and supplies needed to meet building cleanliness and maintenance standards.

  • Provides technical data and services to other maintenance areas and University departments relative to project needs. Analyzes job and overhead costs and changes methods and procedures as necessary to improve the department’s operational efficiency. Evaluates condition of buildings and systems and recommends and initiates work orders.

  • Through frequent campus walks, monitors the progress of projects toward completion as scheduled. Takes personal ownership for major shifts of resources. Participates in the design process of facilities to assure that the University System’s needs are effectively satisfied. This position may need to work nights and weekends, and will be required to work during emergencies on campus.

  • Initiates maintenance and repair projects funded through minor projects and infrastructure funding. Participates in the review of plans for major and minor building projects, participates in substantial completion and final inspections of such projects. Keeps projects on schedule and within budget; provides remedial action when necessary.

  • Determines and manages the various operating budgets relative to maintenance and housekeeping activities. Monitors to insure that expenditures are within prescribed budgetary limits and takes corrective action to control expenditures.

  • Develops and implements procedures for supply and equipment requirements, requisitions and follow-up. Develops and implements procedures for administration and supervisory tasks involved in personnel counseling, timekeeping and job records. Responsible for the management of all regulatory compliance such as elevators maintenance, waste water, generator testing etc.

  • Oversees the installation of building systems and infrastructure and makes recommendations for final acceptance of projects. Reviews and analyzes current and future project programs. Participates in the design process of facilities to assure that the University system's needs are effectively satisfied.

  • Develops and implements preventative, routine, and planned maintenance projects and standards. Sets guidelines and schedules for the maintenance of all university housing buildings. Oversees supervision and training of all maintenance and housekeeping personnel relative to the established UCF guidelines, SOPs, MOUs and standards.

  • Coordinates the solicitation and selection of custodial, maintenance, and other service related providers as appropriate, at the direction of the Senior Director of FO. Participates in the development and negotiation of proposals and contracts related to design and construction of new construction, renovations, asset maintenance and infrastructure improvements.

  • All other duties as assigned

UCF offers competitive pay consummate with experience and a variety of employee benefits including health insurance, vision insurance, and dental insurance. Additionally, full-time employees may be allowed to enroll for up to six (6) credit hours of eligible instruction per term on a space-available basis.

For additional information, please reference the following link: https://hr.ucf.edu/prospective-employees/insurance/

For additional information about our department, please feel free to visit the Facilities Operations website at www.fo.ucf.edu

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