May 23, 2022

Director of Facilities

$60,000 yearly
  • North Avenue Presbyterian Church
  • Atlanta, GA 30308, USA
Full-time Management - Engineering Management - Operations Reliability Engineers

Job Description

Principle Function of the Director of Facilities at North Avenue Presbyterian Church

Maintain physical plant operations and supervise the church facility staff to assure the congregation of a safe, secure place of worship and transformation. 


Supervisor:  Executive Director of Finance and Operations


Primary Responsibilities

  1. Maintenance
    1. Maintain the church campus, including landscaping, grounds, parking deck and other parts of the entire church property at 607 Peachtree St NE, including those parts leased to other entities (Atlanta Children’s Shelter and Atlanta Ministry to International Students).
    2. Repair when needed and assure preventive maintenance of all church mechanical systems including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, telephone, elevators, and HVAC. Schedule emergency repairs with external vendors when necessary.
    3. Maintain the interior and exterior of all building structures.
    4. Program and monitor the Energy Management System daily to coordinate activities with HVAC/electrical consumption and minimize energy waste.
    5. Maintain records relating to the church’s stormwater reporting and report regularly as needed to support the church’s stormwater water credits.
    6. Maintain church vehicles and trucks as necessary to assure safe usage. Provide training on the safe use of church vehicles to church volunteers and staff approved to operate such vehicles.
    7. Assist in the maintenance of the church IT infrastructure.
    8. Prepare church facilities for changing weather conditions.
    9. Maintain the current inventory of church’s physical assets, including documentation of assets and their maintenance actions within eSpace, the church’s work order portal and scheduler.
    10. Complete assigned work orders on a timely basis. Communicate with affected users when complete.
    11. Assure adherence to appropriate OSHA standards of practice.
    12. Collaborate with the Executive Director of Finance and Operations on budgeting for facility needs.


  1. Housekeeping
    1. Coordinate the weekly schedule of the custodians.
    2. Provide training and supervision of tasks needed to keep the campus clean.
    3. Ensure rooms are set up according to the needs of the groups and special activities.
    4. Make regular tours of the facility to ensure jobs are completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner.
    5. Coordinate the purchase maintenance supplies with the Lead Custodian.
    6. Coordinate the safe application of any special chemicals needed in the event of another COVID outbreak or similar instance.
    7. Assign special projects to custodial staff as needed to grow their base of knowledge and to achieve needed facility goals.


  • Groundskeeping
    1. Maintain church grounds and landscaping
    2. Serve as liaison between the church and the professional groundskeeping vendor.
    3. Coordinate regular groundskeeping projects with volunteers.


  1. Security
    1. Schedule security for the needs of the church activities and confirm security billings monthly.
    2. Maintain, monitor, and program the church’s security and access systems.
    3. Schedule regular inspections of fire and security equipment.


  1. Other
    1. Be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency situations, and assure 24-hour access to church systems.
    2. Encourage regular, positive engagement with members of the congregation.
    3. Coordinate with the parking management company (AAA Parking) as needed and inform them regularly of special services and events.
    4. In conjunction with the EDFO, help direct and organize the church’s Property team and its regular meetings.
    5. Participate in local National Association of Church Facility Manager group meetings
    6. Work to achieve CCFM certification within 3 years if not currently certified


  1. Other Duties As Assigned


Qualifications and Skills

  • 5 years’ experience as a facility manager, including experience with supervision of staff
  • Advanced mechanical skills and knowledge of plumbing, HVAC, electrical and other building systems
  • Proficiency with repair tools and techniques
  • Candidate will provide most of your own tools
  • Licensing:
  • State of Georgia GSANIULPE 4th Class Engineer’s license, preferred, but willing to consider candidate with relevant experience who will obtain such a license within 12 months
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL) preferred
  • Certified Church Facility Manager (CCFM) preferred
  • Bachelor of Science degree preferred
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to speak with all levels of employees, guests, vendors and church members
  • Excellent time management, organization and prioritization abilities
  • Keen attention to detail and efficient problem-solving skills
  • Ability to lift and carry heavy equipment up to 50 pounds throughout the campus
  • Ability to work in a squatting, kneeling and standing position for an extended period of time.
  • Ability to work safely at heights up to 25 feet on ladders, scaffolding and lifts.
  • Ability to work regularly outside on the roof as necessary.
  • Flexibility with your personal schedule

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