King Industries, Inc
Performance Driven Additives (made in USA) Chemistry is all around us. It is in the paint on our cars, the hydraulic oil in our planes, the rubber hose used to water our gardens, and the internal micro processor in our smart phones. And that only scratches the surface! Every product sold to us as consumers, be it paint, coatings, oils, grease, hose, wipers, etc… has its own formula for performance and service life, which includes two components, a base material & additives. Think of it like a cake recipe with flour as the base, and all other components of the recipe as the “additives”. King Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes additives for small and large companies throughout the world who make their own branded products we all know and use like engine oils, greases, hydraulic oils, paints, coatings, and rubber goods. For the most part, our products are used at a fraction of the total formula size, however their importance within the formula to maintain performance standards or properties is critical.