Rain CII Carbon, LLC
Rain CII Carbon LLC (RCC), based in Covington,Louisiana is the second-largest producer of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) in the world, based on production capacity. CPC is produced from green petroleum coke (GPC), a porous, black solid that is a by-product of the crude oil refining process, through a high-temperature calcining process that removes moisture and volatile matter from the GPC. CPC is an essential input to the aluminum smelting process and the production of titanium dioxide. CPC is considered an essential material for the aluminum industry, as there are no known economically viable substitutes for this input. RCC has annual CPC production capacity of approximately 1.9 million metric tons via six facilities strategically located in freight-advantaged sites across the United States, one in India, and one in China. RCC also has a representative office in Shanghai. RCC’s facilities represent approximately 7% of global CPC production capacity. In addition to producing CPC, four of RCC’s facilities are equipped with the ability to co-generate energy, with two facilities (Gramercy and Norco, Louisiana) selling steam and two facilities (Chalmette and Lake Charles, Louisiana) selling electricity. RCC has average sales revenue of over USD $500.0 million annually. RCC’s predecessor companies date back to 1959, when Kaiser Aluminum began its first calcining operation at its Purvis, Mississippi plant. RCC was formed in 1988 when four of the calcining facilities currently operated by RCC were acquired from Kaiser. RCC acquired a fifth facility in 1999 and increased its number of facilities to seven in 2005 when it acquired Venture Coke Company, or Venco. In 2007, RCC was acquired by Rain/CII Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of a predecessor to RCCVL, and in 2009, RCC completed its acquisition of Zhenjiang Xin Tian Tansu Company, or RCC China, in Jiangsu Province, China. RCC China’s ownership and operation of its small vertical shaft calcining complex provides RCC with strategic access into the Chinese market as well as to vertical shaft calcining technology. In 2013, RCC completed its acquisition of Rütgers, a 160-year-old manufacturer of basic and specialty chemicals, and the leading coal tar distiller in Europe and the second-largest coal tar distiller worldwide in each case, based on production capacity.