Quant Service
Quant is a global leader in industrial maintenance. We combine extensive maintenance management capabilities with many years of hands-on experience and a world-class maintenance concept. Our philosophy is to embed superior safety practices and build a true maintenance culture, optimizing maintenance cost and improving plant performance. Our maintenance services include the following major categories: Total Maintenance Outsourcing We take full responsibility for maximizing the potential of all aspects of maintenance, from management to organization and execution of all site activities for corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as shut downs, upgrades and modifications. We take a holistic approach and commit to improving safety, productivity and energy efficiency while optimizing cost. Where relevant, our responsibility goes beyond maintenance to include the operation of plant utilities, for example heat and power generation and water treatment. Maintenance Management Outsourcing We take full responsibility for the maintenance management function and commit to providing our customers with sustainable improvement in their business results. We are responsible for defining the maintenance functions needs, including optimization of maintenance planning; introducing and managing maintenance processes to improve plant reliability; designing, managing and optimizing maintenance operations; managing plant shutdowns and improvements as well as any other changes to realize the full potential of maintenance. Additionally we can manage related areas such as spare parts or plant commissioning or decommissioning. Asset Class Maintenance Outsourcing We take full responsibility for all aspects of maintenance for specific classes or families of equipment. This could include electric motors, co-generation plants, drives, instrumentation, process automation and power distribution. As an OEM independent service provider, we work with all types and all manufacturers’ equipment to reduce downtime, improve performance, and extend equipment lifetime. Contract Manufacturing Services We perform contract manufacturing for a broad range of different product types. This includes the engineering, design and manufacturing of prototypes, assembly groups and small series for demanding applications. We manage all logistics and product support throughout the entire product life cycle.