When does work feel like fun, and it’s fun to go to work? Keep reading to find out! We are Sashco Sealants. When you think Sashco, you can pretty much imagine the opposite of a traditional corporation. Instead, picture a “think tank.” We are more than just a business, we are a team. Sashco is a place where fun, creativity and innovation aren’t just encouraged, they’re at the heart and soul of all we do. From the moment you pull into our parking lot you’ll understand that Sashco team members are part of something “bigger” than just a job. Every day, when members of the Sashco team walk into the building they’re reminded that we operate out of a place of truth, trust, care, forgiveness, and respect. So, what is it exactly that we do at Sashco? We proudly invent and manufacture innovative and high-performance sealants, caulks, and stains for both the remodeling and custom home building markets. If you’re motivated to work hard, if you thrive on achieving audaciously big goals, if you desire to work in a place where you’ll hear laughter, observe people who take pride in their positions and enjoy the reward of being appreciated for the contributions they make, Sashco is the place for you!