Contact: Debbie Williams, HR Business Partner, hr@probitasaac.com or Charles Paterno, Managing Partner, cpaterno@probitasaac.com

AAC East LLC, is the first and only plant to use Wehrhahn Smart Plant technology in the United States.  AAC East is strategically located in Bennettsville, SC close to I74 (East and West) and I95 (North and South) making deliveries in all directions easily accessible.  AAC East has teamed up with Thermacrete LLC, the leading provider of AAC Firewall Assemblies across North America.  Together AAC East and Thermacrete can provide the market with product and technical assistance related to load bearing and non-load bearing panels and block.

Development of AAC began in 1923 in Stockholm, Sweden.  Johan Eriksson, an architect, patented the manufacturing process in 1924. Production was licensed in 1928, and the first manufacturing facility was built in 1929 in Stockholm.  Construction applications of AAC include use as both load-bearing and non-load bearing building material for floors and walls.

 AAC combines the advantages of non-combustible concrete with the workability of wood and is a completely “green” material. The manufacturing of AAC is a very clean, closed loop process that uses all-natural materials and produces minimal pollution of any kind. The applications of AAC range from high-rises and hotels to hospitals, schools, office and commercial buildings, convention centers, single and multifamily residential, military, retail and industrial properties.  To date the vast majority of AAC has been manufactured outside of the United States, with limited domestic production.