Ascend Pefromance Materials
Ascend Performance Materials is a new company that was established on June 1, 2009 when SK Capital Partners acquired the Nylon Business from Solutia Inc. Ascend Performance Materials is committed to providing high quality and value for the many products we produce. From carpet to tires to apparel, Ascend Performance Materials nylon resins and fibers show up in thousands of commercial and industrial products. In each case, they bring features of durability, performance, functionality, reliability and beauty to the goods they enhance. As one of the worlds few fully integrated nylon producers, our expertise is unsurpassed. Ascend offers challenging, team based work opportunities coupled with a commitment to skill development and growth. Potential candidates, who are interested in safe, collaborative work environments and enriching opportunities which will be instrumental in the development a new, yet established company, should consider Ascend.