SETECH delivers Indirect Materials Management solutions to optimize total cost through process driven best practices, supporting storeroom management, inventory optimization, technical services, enhanced data management and MRO sourcing services. These program elements can be delivered through consulting services engagements to fully comprehensive outsourced solutions, including site functional resources and Indirect Materials Management systems. Programs are designed to reduce product demand and deliver immediate documented cost and process savings. SETECH is different from other third party service providers in that we use a pure integrator model focusing on total cost optimization, enabled by our proprietary systems and methods built on over 20 years of continuous improvement. Our pure integrator model is supplier neutral, has a virtually limitless vendor base, and operates globally. Our best-in-class storeroom operations and design increase operational effectiveness, especially for the difficult categories of machine replacement spare parts, and warranty- calibration - repair tracking. Flexible programs and options: - On-site personnel for storerooms and management of all (or assigned) non-production materials and services - Project management consulting - Software solutions that integrate with any client system Specialties: MRO, indirect materials management, storeroom management, integrated supply, chemical management, supply chain management, asset management, project management, software solutions